Did You Know? Port Authority Police respond to all aircraft incidents at JFK, LaGuardia, Teterboro and Newark? Did You Know? Port Authority Police move hundreds of millions of passengers safely each year? Did You Know? Port Authority Police carry out suicide prevention? Did You Know? Port Authority Police have the largest aircraft police crash fire rescue unit in the world? Did You Know? Port Authority Police are trained in life saving techniques like EMT, defibrillator and NARCAN? Did You Know? Port Authority Police have 2 K9 Teams: Explosive detection and narcotic detection? Did You Know? Port Authority Police have some of the most advanced counter-terrorism training in the country? Did You Know? Port Authority Police protect some of the world’s prime terrorist targets? Did You Know? The Port Authority Police Department is the largest transportation related police department in the nation? Did you know? Port Authority Police have served the people of New York and New Jersey for nearly 100 years. Did you know? The Port Authority Police Department is the only American police department to be attacked by foreign enemies: the 1975 LaGuardia Airport bombing; 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and the September 11th World Trade Center attacks.


Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, Inc.
Union Of Professional Police Officers

611 Palisade Avenue, Engelwood Cliffs, NJ 07632-1805
Telephones:201.871.2100 or 212.947.3754
Facsimile: 201.871.2343


President   Paul   Nunziato  
First Vice President   Frank   Conti  
Second Vice President   Mike   DeFilippis  
Treasurer   Steve   Ekizian  
Financial Secretary   Brett   Porigow  
Recording Secretary   Cesar   Morales  
Sergeant-At-Arms   Phil   Erickson  

    Board of Trustees          

    Vincent   Zappulla Chairman of the Board
    Mike   Mollahan  
    Robert   Paulsen  
    Brian   Ahern  
    John   Basil  


George Washington Bridge   Daniel   Rodriguez  
George Washington Bridge   Manny   Cuprill  
Holland Tunnel   Giovanni   Perrotta  
Holland Tunnel   Joshua   Oliveri  
Kennedy Airport   Neil   Curtin  
Kennedy Airport   Brian   Donnelly  
Kennedy Airport   Dante   Castro-Recio  
Kennedy Airport   Dan   Galvin  
Kennedy Airport   Michael   Faello  
Kennedy Airport   Michael   DeRosa  
LaGuardia Airport   Francis   Bobe  
LaGuardia Airport   Brian   Vitale  
LaGuardia Airport   Dominic   Palumbo  
LaGuardia Airport   William   Spencer  
LaGuardia Airport   Anthony   Baicich  
Lincoln Tunnel   Anthony   Giardullo  
Lincoln Tunnel   Paul   Pimenta  
Newark Airport   Edward   Clark  
Newark Airport   Sal   Fiumefreddo  
Newark Airport   Brett   Nigro  
Newark Airport   Jason   Marriott  
Newark Airport   Brian   O'Connell  
Newark Airport   John   Guevara  
Newark Airport   Derek   Cannon  
PA/Headquarters   Lewis   Maira  
PA/Headquarters   Luis   Morales  
Port Authority Bus Terminal   Christopher   Carini  
Port Authority Bus Terminal   Marcus   Ciserano  
Port Authority Trans-Hudson   Jerry   Colligan  
Port Authority Trans-Hudson Rail   John   Monagas  
Port Authority Trans-Hudson Rail   Matthew   Vogelman  
Port Newark   Vacant      
Port Newark   Brian   Joyce  
Special Operations Division   Donald   Golding  
Special Operations Division   William   Riiska  
Special Operations Division   Derek   Yuengling  
Staten Island Bridges   Michael   Ulaky  
Staten Island Bridges   Ed   Benenati  
World Trade Center   Matthew   Binkowitz  
World Trade Center   Angel   Serrano  


General Counsel   John   McAusland  

    Disciplinary Representative          


New Jersey   Father David J. Baratelli  

    Police Stress Counselor          

    Peter J. Killeen